Adminer is so, so, so much better than phpMyAdmin!

If you’re using phpMyAdmin, I would highly recommend you consider an alternative ASAP:

Adminer -

Why? Let’s go through the laundry list of things that drive me nuts about phpMyAdmin:

  • On time-outs, after logging back in, it randomly gives you weird session errors and forces you to log in again.
  • It is *slllowww*. Anything over 200 tables seems unbearably slow even on the very latest of hardware.
  • Cluttered, overcomplicated UI.
  • Only supports MySQL.
  • Annoying modal pop-up windows telling you about successes/errors, that always get in the way of the AJAX table value editing.

What does Adminer have to offer?

  • An easy to use, clean UI that actually lets you get stuff done.
  • It is blazing fast compared to phpMyAdmin or any other db management tool I’ve used.
  • Drivers for MySQLPostgreSQLSQLiteMS SQLOracle, SimpleDB, Elasticsearch, and MongoDB.

I particularly like this theme from for it: 

We’re under attack!

This is what an ESXi performance chart looks like around the time of a WordPress brute-force login attack.

Essentially a couple of robots (3 separate IP addresses) were trying over and over and over again (tens of times per second) to log in to WordPress via the wp-login.php script.

The drop-off in the CPU usage is when we banned the 3 IP addresses via the firewall.


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